Automated Error Prevention and Checking


With Visual Engineer all errors that are programmed as checks are always caught 100% of the time which results in and elimination of virtually 99% of all errors commonly experienced on a completions project.

A typical 4,000-7,000 hour project can contain hundreds of drawings and over one hundred thousand components, wires and termination points. The likelihood for error during the manual production of wiring diagrams, multiple reports and change management is enormous, quickly eroding already thin profits. Visual engineer eliminates virtually 99% of all errors commonly experienced on a project by leveraging its unique PLM EEMSTM approach to avionics integration.
Aside from the obvious benefit of 100% accurate data management, EEMSTM also prevents a number of other costly mistakes that are not so obvious to the team. For instance if a pin on a connector is used by one engineer and two minutes later a different engineer working on another drawing needs to use a pin on the same connector, the EEMSTM automatically identifies which pins are available. In fact the business rules in the EEMSTM ensure there are no duplicated pins so engineers no longer need to be concerned with which pins are available for use. The EEMSTM performs that function for them.
The EEMSTM also prevents a component from being deleted from the project database in error which would normally result in inaccurate design documents released to production as well as over or under purchasing materials. If an engineer decides that they no longer need a connector or pin for instance, then they simply remove it from their drawing, EEMSTM will take care of the rest, updating the availability of that connector or pin for the next engineer.
The prevention of errors does not stop however with simply the automated data management component by the EEMSTM. Visual Engineer comes pre-loaded with over fifty different error checks that can be run across the entire project at any point in time. These error checks are specifically targeted at common mistakes that are experienced by aviation completion centers costing the industry millions of dollars annually.
Visual Engineer also provides the client with the option of adding their own custom validation rules into the EEMSTM which can then be used across all projects. Even if there are no mistakes made on the project which is exceedingly rare, the automated error checking still saves the entire project a significant amount of money. Using the previously discussed legacy systems engineers normally have to manually check for these errors prior to releasing drawings to manufacturing. This manual checking eats up hundreds of project hours and is itself prone to human error as not all errors are guaranteed to be caught.
With Visual Engineer all errors that are programmed as checks are always caught 100% of the time. No matter how good an engineer is they will eventually have an off day and miss an error sooner or later. Visual Engineer never has an off day.