The Solution – Product Lifecycle Management Software

Visual Engineer is the first true client/server "EEMS" platform that completely manages the entire avionics electrical engineering process.  This data-driven architecture results in extreme cost savings through dramatic increases in efficiencies, reductions in errors and virtual elimination of redundant supporting processes and manual labor.  (See Our White Paper Excerpts Below or PDF For Details)


The Visual Engineer solution is a true collaborative client/server database driven environment which is optimized for working with a team of electrical engineers and technicians on a project. At the heart of the Visual Engineer solution is their proprietary Electrical Engineering Management SystemTM that enables not only the engineers to work more efficiently but results in a ripple effect of increased efficiency across all departments.

Organizations that have adopted Visual Engineer immediately realize a 50% decrease in labor hours to complete a project while enjoying a 99% reduction in design and production errors in all phases of their projects.

Architecturally Visual Engineer is completely different than AutoCAD (TM) and other CAD Solutions currently used in the industry. Visual Engineer starts with a server based application that uses the Microsoft SQL (TM) database engine. The EEMS (TM) is the centralized repository from which all drawings, reports and business logic originate.  Microsoft Visio is the graphics platform that provides drag & drop design capability.  

Each Visio drawing functionally acts as a customized view of the database so any part or attribute change in the Visio Workspace results in database updates that are shared by the entire team.  In this way, Visual Engineer provides a true collaborative client/server environment which allows all departments across the organization to immediately realize enormous gains in productivity, efficiency and cost savings over legacy systems now in place.


The Visual Engineer team set out to design a new system or set of tools from the ground up that would enable the avionics engineers to work more efficient and facilitate the electrical design process to operate in a team environment. It was recognized early on that any solution that would support these design goals must be database driven in a client server environment. The database must be the foundation of the solution if real benefits were to be realized beyond what the avionics industry was already doing. Database technology has been around for nearly 30 years now and yet the aviation industry has not yet adopted database technology for automated drafting and design work. Now with Visual Engineer avionics engineers and in fact the entire organization can instantly reap the benefits of database technology.

Borrowing from the lessons learned in the automotive industry the team at Visual Engineer designed the first PLM software specifically targeted for the aviation modification and completion industry. What emerged from putting the database technology as the foundation of the product instead of the drawing package is absolutely revolutionary in the avionics industry. This was accomplished by enabling the drafting and design process to be data driven while creating the first true client/server PLM platform that completely manages the entire electrical engineering process. At the heart of the Visual Engineer PLM system is the Electrical Engineering Management System (TM) (EEMS).

The EEMSTM incorporates the business logic that manages everything from the first component that is placed onto a drawing to the point of supplying the installation team with the necessary document packets. EEMSTM is core to not only increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the design work, but of the entire process. It really is a simple solution to a complex problem, sometimes simpler is truly better.

Architectural diagram of the EEMS (TM)