Collaborate More Effectively

Visual Engineer enables everyone on your team to collaborate more effectively.  Be more agile and deliver higher quality work faster while building and sharing completion center knowledge, intelligence and experience within Visual Engineer. Project artifacts like electrical design drawings, wire, hookup and equipment lists and drawing revisions builds are stored in a data warehouse. Powerful reporting and dashboards provide historical trending, full traceability, and real-time visibility into quality and progress against your project goals.   View / download the Visual Engineer 2011 White Paper.

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Reduce waste & streamline the flow of data across your entire organization

Electrical Design information is stored in the central database that facilitates the flow of information throughout your organization. Visual Engineer reduces the amount of time wasted by eliminating redundant work and miscommunications between  engineering, procurement, manufacturing and technical publications teams.

Reduce risk and increase quality with real-time visibility that encourages best practices

Drag and drop drafting tools specifically created for avionics electrical design drastically reduce common errors and ensures that your electrical designs adhere to your organization’s engineering practices.  Real-Time Error Checking, Master Parts Libraries,  and re-usability of approved equipment assemblies virtually eliminates all but first use errors because approved parts are easily dragged into new drawings and projects with their dependents.

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Deliver on business intent with end-to-end traceability

Full traceability means you can track design progress and workflow such as cabinet assemblies, equipment, wire and hook-up lists back to business goals and customer requirements. You can easily query and create tailored reports that provide the information people need in other departments so they can do their jobs quickly, effectively and correctly.